C波段 1530~1565nm 1550nm 10mW~200mW DFB激光器 光谱线宽1MHz 模块型





C波段 1530~1565nm 1550nm 10mW~200mW DFB激光器 光谱线宽1MHz 模块型

C-band  1530~1565nm 1550nm 10mW~200mW DFB laser Spectral Line Width 1MHz Module type

1550nm DFB C-band Single Wavelength Fiber Laser 1MHz Spectral Line Width

1550nm narrow linewidth laser diode butterfly DFB semiconductor laser chip, wavelength 1530~1565nm C-band, single-mode fiber output, the use of professional design of the drive circuit and TEC control to ensure laser safety and stability.

1. Narrow line width
2. Power and spectral stability

1. Fiber sensing
2. Fiber laser
3. Nonlinear optical research

Parameter Unit Value
Center Wavelength nm 1550±2 ( 1530~1565nm can be Customized )
Spectral linewidth MHz 1
Sideband Suppression Ratio dB >50
Output Power (Optional) mW 10~200 (choose)
Short-term Stability (15 minutes) dB ≤ ±0.02
Long-term Stability (8 hours) dB ≤ ±0.05
Fiber Type   Single Mode Fiber SMF-28e
Output Fiber Type   FC/PC(Default), FC/APC(customized)
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +65℃
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85℃
Power Supply (Optional)   DC 5V / AC 110V~220V
Module typ mm 125×150×20mm
Communication Interface (Optional)   DB9 Female / RS232 (Default: not inlcude)


DFB Distributed Feedback Laser

DFB Distributed Feedback Laser

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