1455nm 350mW~700mW 用于光纤拉曼放大器 光纤激光器





1455nm 350mW~700mW 用于光纤拉曼放大器 光纤激光器

1455nm 350mW~700mw fiber laser for Fiber Raman amplifier


Single mode fiber output 1455 nm semiconductor laser light source using high-performance butterfly semiconductor laser,
single mode pigtail output.
Using professionally designed drive circuits and TEC control to ensure laser safety and stability.
This laser can be used in scientific experiments and production tests,
and is suitable as a pump light source for fiber Raman amplifiers.

1. High output power
2. Power and spectrum stability

1. Fiber laser pump
2. Raman amplifier
3. Nonlinear optical research

Product Name 1457nm Fiber Laser
Parameter Unit Typical Value Note
Wavelength nm 1455  
Output Power mW 350mW / 700mW choose
Short-term Stability (15 minutes) dB ≤ 0.02  
Long-term Stability (8 hours) dB ≤ 0.05  
Fiber Type   SMF-28e  
Fiber Output Type   FC/APC  
Operating Temperature °C -20 ~ +65  
Storage Temperature °C -40 ~ +85  
Power Supply   AC 110V~220V Optional power adapter
Size mm


Communication Interface   DB9 Female / RS232 Optional,default not include


fiber laser

fiber laser

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