527nm 530nm 半导体激光器 2000mW 绿色激光束 可光纤耦合





527nm 530nm 半导体激光器 2000mW 绿色激光束 可耦合光纤

527nm 530nm Semiconductor Laser 2000mW Green Laser Beam Can Coupled Fiber

1. Compact structure
2. Excellent beam quality
3. High stability
4. Long service life

Wavelength: 530nm+/-3nm
Output Power: 2000mW
Spatial Mode: Near TEM00
Operation Mode: CW or Modulation
Beam Height: 29mm
Beam Size: 4.5*4mm
Beam Divergence(full angle): <1.2x0.5mrad
Power Stability: <3% per 4 hours
Temperature Stabilizing: TEC
Warm Up Time: <1minute
MTTF(mean time to failure): 10,000 hrs
Laser Head Dimensions: 145(L)x64(W)x70(H)mm3
Power Supply: Standard type power supply -- 100(L)x58(W)x32(H)mm3
                        Lab Adjustable power supply -- 179(L)x197(W)x84(H)mm3
Modulation: 0~30khz Analog or TTL
Warranty: 1 year

[Packing List]
1 x 527/530nm laser
1 x Power supply

This laser can be customized with fiber coupled laser. Please contact us if needed.

527nm 530nm green laser

527nm 530nm green laser

527nm 530nm green laser

527nm 530nm semiconductor laser

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