660nm 200mW 防水红色激光二极管模组 点状/一字线/十字线 DC 12v(6V~30V)





660nm 200mW 防水红色激光二极管模组 点状/一字线/十字线 DC 12v(6V~30V)
660nm 200mw Waterproof Red laser diode module Dot/Line/Crosshair  DC 12v(6V~30V)

Product Features:
1. Waterproof design, no longer because of wet weather the laser optical system damage caused irreversible damage, so your work is not affected by the environment, outdoor rain and snow as usual;
2. Design distinctive shape, considering the product is more suitable for an arbitrary square plane precisely fixed, so designed as a rectangular cross-section, of course, but also retains the characteristics of concentric circles, so let alone module or assembly and to other device becomes simple and accurate.
3. Mitsubishi imported red laser diode, the light source in the form of a word line.
4. Using the 12V input supply voltage can be matched with the motor vehicle, of course, can be customized according to customer requirements various voltage input version.

These products designed for automotive power supply 12V wide voltage design, universal power supply all kinds of motor vehicles, directly connected to the vehicle power supply or cigarette lighter. Can provide customers with photovoltaic solutions designed to meet customer demand laser modules.

Name:  660nm  Red laser module Focusable
Output Wavelength: 660nm ± 10nm
Output Power: 190-210mW
Laser Shape: Dot/Line/Crosshair (Choice)
Laser type: Visible laser, Red color
Outside Color: Anode gray
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Dimensions: The cross-sectional dimensions of the rectangle 21mm
Electric-control: ACC line rod
Anti Access Protection: Yes
Operating Voltage:  DC 6V-30V
Operating Current: <320mA
Warm-up Time: <1 second
Operating Temperature: -10℃~40℃
Storage Temperature: -10℃~40℃
Structural features: laser tube + lens + cooling housing
Note: The red wire is positive, black is negative, waterproof, suitable for outdoor environment is poor environments
Warranty: 12 Months Factory warranty

Package includes:
1* Red laser module  

660nm red crosshair laser module

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