532nm 5mW~30mW TTL调制 绿光 激光模组 点/线 16mmx70mm





532nm 5mW~30mW TTL调制 绿光 激光模组 点/线 16mmx70mm
532nm 5mw~30mw TTL modulation Green laser module Dot  16mmx70mm
This green laser module is the use of high-power infrared laser-pumped laser crystal to produce, spot round, beam divergence is small, export power from 5mW to 30mW, can be customized according to user specific purposes.
Name: 532nm TTL Green laser module Dot 
Output Wavelength: 532nm
Output Power: 5mw~30mw (choose)
Threshold Current: 100mA
Operating Current: <270mA
Beam Divergence: 1.0mrad
Optical Systems: Optical Coated Glass
Spatial mode: TEM00 Continuous Wave
Spot Description: 0.5m Distance <=> Laser beam Diameter 0.5mm 
Modulation: TTL modulation 
Modulation frequency: 10Hz-1000KHz 
Operating Voltage: DC 3V 
Laser Class: IIIB
Operating Temperature: 10℃~35℃
Storage Temperature: -10℃~80℃
Warm-up time: Less than 2minutes
Power Stability: <±10%
Outside Color: Black 
Size: Φ16mmx60mm Φ16mmx70mm (choose)
Warranty: 12 Months
Package includes:
1* Green laser module  
TTL modulation Description:
1. The red and yellow lines shorted, the module will be lit, in a continuous mode of operation;
2. To modulate the signal line negative black wire, positive connected to the yellow line, red line vacant, modulation module in working condition.
3. Signal input modulation frequency must be within the range 500KHZ;
Warning : 
1. All of laser products are harmful for eyes,please don't aim people eyes(contain animal eyes) directly.
2. It is Industrial laser ,not toy .Keep far from Children under 18years old.



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