650nm 1W 红光 工业激光模组 TTL调制





650nm 1W 红光 工业激光模组 TTL调制
650nm 1W Red Industrial laser module with TTL modulation

There are a lot of High-power laser modules, but high-power 650nm red laser module in market is rare, even if there is astronomical, astronomical stuff just fits in the laboratory or government, we the people can not afford, regardless of any industrial products personally feel should reasonable price, of course, quality is the key to this product is super stable performance, appearance do you know, absolutely genuine, using semiconductor temperature control and dual fan cooling design, and one year warranty.

Absolute Maximum Ratings 
Parameter Symbols Ratings Units Note
Storage Temperature Tstg -10~50
Operating Temperature Top 0~30 Outer casing temperature
Voltage AC 110~265 V
Optical Output 980~1040 mW

Electrical and optical Characteristics
Parameter Symbols Min Typ Max Units Conditions
Dominant Wavelength λc 640 650 660 nm Po﹦1000mW
Output Power Po 980 1000 1040 mW
Threshold Current Ith 0.5 0.65 A
Operating Current Iop 1.2 1.6 A Po﹦1000mw
Operating Voltage Vop 5 5.2 5.5 V
Lasing Wavelength Δλ 2.5 3 nm Po﹦1000mw

Installation Instructions
1. Laser system in the work process, will produce heat. Please use the laser head is preferably placed on a flat plate heat sink, such as metal aluminum.
2. The product has a cooling system, make sure the laser head and around 0.1 m Do not place any objects within, so as not to affect the ventilation and heat dissipation.
3. This product is used for other products such as assembly into cabinets used, make sure that the laser out of the vents open. If the cabinet is equipped with fan, must ensure that the laser and machine romantic direction.


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