532NM 200mW TTL调制 绿光 激光模组 /粗光柱 / 明亮的激光光束扩束器/平行光





532NM 200mW TTL调制 绿光 激光模组 /粗光柱 / 明亮的激光光束扩束器/平行光
532NM 200mW TTL Green laser module / Thick laser beam / Bright laser light beam expander / Parallel light
As we all know,Ordinary laser beams are fine laser beam, Launch angle is fan-shaped,Long shots ineffective,The expanded beam is a parallel beam laser effects,How much is the aperture,How much is the distance,Idemitsu is simply more crude,Long shots are also more crude. Coarse if the power of the laser beam is low,There is no practical effect.
Output Wavelength: 532 nm
Output Power: 200mw
Exit Pupil Diameter: 12-16mm (Thick laser beam)
Refrigeration mode: Fan Cooling
Continuous Work: Yes
Frequency mondulation: TTL 10-20K HZ
Outside Color: Black
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Electric-control: Constant-current 
Anti Access Protection: Yes
Operating Voltage: AC 220V (Power supply and laser module is integrated,Directly into a AC 220V power outlet to emit green laser beam.)
Operating Current: I<8 00mA
Warm-up time: No
Operating Current: -10℃~+40℃
Storage Temperature: -10℃~+40℃
Structure: Laser tube + Lens + Radiating shell
Laser Module Size: 126mm*76mm*37mm


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