650nm 5mW~200mW 红光激光模组 一字线 /专业级 /可长时间作业/工业定位/焦点可调





650nm 5mW~200mW 红光激光模组 一字线 /专业级 /可长时间作业/工业定位/焦点可调
650nm 5mW~200mw Red laser module Line / Professional level / continue work long time / Industrial positioning / Focus adjustable
This product has passed the environmental protection ROHS. European CE.IOS-9001 system. Other international safety quality environmental authority certificate.
1. Support continue work long time;
2. Operating Temperature: -10℃~70℃ (thermostability / withstands high temperatures)
3. Professional laser module;
Name: 650nm 5mW~200mw Professional Red laser module Line 
Output Wavelength: 650nm
Output Power: 5mW~200mW (choice)
Laser Shape:  Line 
Laser type: Visible laser, Red color
Outside Color: Black
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Operating Voltage: DC=3V ~ 5V
Operating Current: 100mA~200mA
Laser Class: IIIB
Operating Temperature: Max 75℃  / -10℃~70℃ (thermostability / withstands high temperatures)
Storage Temperature: -10℃~80℃
Size: φ12*48mm
Weight: 22.88g  
Continuous working time: < 4 hours(Good heat dissipation)
Working life: 12000 hours
Outer Casing Material: Aerospace aluminum Oxidation Absolute source Technology 
Power Stability: < 1% (10H)
Laser Line width: Adjustable / 1m Distance =>  The minimum  width Φ1mm 
Fan Angle: 120°(Default) -- 60°90°(choice)
Structural features: laser tube + lens + IC driver board
Package includes:
1 x Red laser module  
1 x Power Transformer (Choice)
1 x Laser Module Adjustable Holder/Clamp/Mount Heatsink (Choice) 
Warning : 
1. All of laser products are harmful for eyes,please don't aim people eyes(contain animal eyes) directly.
2. It is Industrial laser ,not toy .Keep far from Children under 18years old.

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