ROHM 635nm 5mW 红光激光二极管


最少:  5

ROHM 635nm 5mW 红光激光二极管
ROHM 635nm 5mW red laser diode
Place of production: Japan
Output power: 5mW CW
Output Wavelength: 635nm
Operating Current: <55mA
Operating Voltage: DC 2.3V ~ 2.5V
Package Type: TO-18 ( Φ5.6mm)
Working life: >10,000 hours
This component sensitive to static electricity, anti-static measures do not make direct contact with the laser tube by human hand, in addition to the product must have a qualified driver circuit before work, different laser beam power with the same working voltage, but  operating current is different, the circuit of the tube drive current needed to control in a safe range, otherwise it will affect life expectancy.

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