405nm 150mW 300mW蓝紫光激光模组/TTL调制/工业级





405nm 150mW 300mW 蓝紫激光模组/TTL调制/工业级
405nm 150mW 300mW Blue-violet Laser Module with TTL  Industrial-grade

Such products can be widely used in various stage laser light, with TTL modulation, The working time is very long and continuity, Industrial-grade laser module. Can provide a solution for the customers, designed to meet customer demand for laser module.

Host size: 74mm* 30mm* 30mm
Circuit size: 71.5mm* 35mm* 20mm
Output wavelength: 405nm
Output power: 150mw/300mw (Choice)
Heat dissipation method: Aluminum heat sink +  cfan 
Characteristics: The working time is very long and continuity.
Modulation: TTL modulation 
Modulation frequency: 1Hz-20KHz
Modulation voltage:  0 - 5V
Minimum spot size: 2mm
Surface treatment: Black
Shell material: Aluminum
Control: constant current circuit
Reverse connection protection: with automatic identification of positive and negative
Working voltage: DC=12V
Working current: I<180mA
Warm-up Time: no
Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Storage temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Structure characteristics: laser tube + lens + radiating shell
Note: the power to the external.
Special remind: input voltage is 12V, Over voltage will instantly cause circuit and module damage, if you have any problems, please advice, thank you!

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