638nm 2W 高功率 红光 半导体激光器带电源

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638nm 2W 高功率 红光 半导体激光器带电源
635nm/638nm 2W High power Red Semiconductor Laser with power supply
Product Name: 635nm/638nm 2W Red Semiconductor Laser
Lead Time: 3~7 workingdays! Custom product available!
Output Wavelength: 635nm/638nm
Output Power: 2W
Spot mode: Multi mode
Residual infrared(1064&808nm): <0.01%
Operating mode: CW or Modulation
Spectral Linewidth: <1nm
Polarization: Linear
Spot size: 2.5x5mm or 5x5mm
Pointing Stability: <0.05 mrad
Beam Divergence Angle:  1.2 mrad
Power stability: <±5% per 4 hrs
Temperature Stabilizing: TEC 
Warm Up Time: <5 minutes 
Optimum Operating Temperature: 20~30℃
Storage Temperature: 10~50℃
MTTF(mean time to failure): 10,000 hrs
Laser dimensions: 175(L)x92(W)x60(H) mm
Warranty: 1 Year
[Package include]
1 x 638nm  Laser
1 x Laser power supply
638nm 2W DPSS laser red laser

civillaser power supply

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