940nm 1W~3W IR 半导体激光器带电源





940nm 1W~3W IR 半导体激光器带电源
940nm 1W~3W IR Semiconductor Laser with power supply
Product Name: 940nm IR Semiconductor Laser with power supply
Lead Time: 1~3 weeks, Custom product available!
Output Wavelength: 940(+/-5) nm
Output Power: 1W/2W/3W (Choose)
Transverse Mode: Multi Mode
Prejudiced way: 10:1
Beam pointing stability: <0.05 mrad
Beam Diameter at Aperture: 6mm
Beam Divergence: 2.5 mrad
Power stability: <3% per 2 hrs
Aperture Position: 25mm
Cooling system: TEC
Warm-up Time: <5 minutes
Beam quality: <2(M2)
Operation temperature: 20~30℃
Storage temperature: 10~50℃
Expected Lifetime: 10000 hours
Laser Head Dimensions: 100(L)x40(W)x50(H)mm3
Modulating: 0~30khz Analog or TTL
[Package include]
1 x 940nm IR Laser DPSS
1 x Laser Power Driver



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