670nm 5mW 红色激光模组定位灯/可定制





670nm 5mW 红色激光模组定位灯/可定制
670nm 5mw Red laser module Positioning lamp/can be customized

Name:  670nm 5mw Red laser module Positioning lamp/can be customized
Output Wavelength: 670nm
Output Power: 5mW (0.4mw~5mw Can be customized)
Laser Shape: Dot/Line/Crosshair
Laser type: Visible laser, Red laser
Outside Color: Black 
Size: φ22*110mm
Current: ≤50mA  
Operating Voltage: DC2.8-5.2V
Operating Temperature: -10--50℃
Storage Temperature: -40℃~80℃
Line Length: 1.2m (can be customized)
Warranty: 12 Months Factory warranty
Structure Features: high quality laser diode + metal shell + High quality lens + constant power circuit board + Wireway

Package includes:
1* Red laser module;
1* Laser stand;
1* Adjustable power supply;

Low power consumption, high power output; stable performance, good consistency and long service life.
High quality of laser diode and intelligent IC control circuit, good stability, long service life

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