405nm 30/50/100mW 蓝紫光激光 多模光纤耦合点输出 FC/PC





405nm 30/50/100mW 蓝紫光激光 多模光纤耦合点输出 FC/PC
405nm 30/50/100mW Blue violet laser multimode fiber coupling dot output FC/PC
Description of fiber coupled laser:
Fiber because of its flexible characteristics can make laser emitting end freely mobile, lasers are used more convenient; can for shaping laser beam, the beam model is better, a Gaussian distribution; and several laser beam integration, increase the laser power.
Our lasers are made of high-quality original import laser diode with high performance of APC, ACC drive circuit and optical coating glass lens group or high quality plastic lens adhesive composition, with high reliability, high stability, anti-interference is strong, good consistency, long life and other characteristics.
Products are widely used in a variety of industrial identification devices, equipment and equipment, teaching test light source, laser medical equipment, stage lighting and demonstration with laser light source.
Fiber coupled laser is a precision instrument, fiber ports with a protective cap to protect the outlet, gently remove the optical fiber protective cap before lighting the laser, at the same time, the fiber outlet can not touch any object, not to touch with the hand. Otherwise it will lead to exit from dust or other things, lead to distortion of the spot and the power shortage. Laser head and optical fiber connecting part do not pull, fiber coiling as far as possible when the radius of the larger, avoid discounts, broken beyond repair! After use, cut off the power supply in time to cover the optical fiber protective cap!
Technical parameter:
Wavelength: 405nm
Exit pupil power: 30~100mW(Can be choose)
Divergence angle: 1.5mrad
Optical system: optical film coated glass lens, high quality aspheric plastic lens
Optical fiber core diameter: multimode 62.5um (i.e., output aperture)
Cladding size: 125um
Optical fiber outside diameter: 0.9mm
Injection numerical aperture: 0.22
Spot Description: minimum spot diameter 0.5mm, spot size can be used according to the distance adjustment
Fiber length: 1 m
Optical fiber material: quartz material
Operating voltage: DC 3 or 5V optional (can be set 12V, need to consult)
Laser grade: II, III A, III B
Working temperature: -10°C~50°C
Storage temperature: -40°C~80°C
Size: Φ16mmx60mm 
1, voltage 3V~5V, 3V is the best;
2, For the power supply and support links, need to please take, otherwise the default for the red black lead:


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