445nm/447nm/450nm 蓝色激光模组 500mW/1000mW/1600mW 12V





445nm/447nm/450nm 蓝色激光模组 500mW/1000mW/1600mW 12V
445nm/447nm/450nm blue laser module 500mw/1000mw/1600mw 12V
This laser module can't continue working long time. Usually < 5 minutes, we need to turn off the laser, wait for the surface is cooled, then turn on  it again.
If you need a continue working blue high power laser module.
Please choose below laser, it includes the cooling fan:
Specification parameter:
Size: 20*58mm diameter
Output wavelength: 450 nm
Output power: 500mW/1000mW/1600mW
Surface treatment: anode Black / Army Green
Shell material: aviation aluminum
Circuit control: ACC
Reverse protection: Yes
Working voltage: DC=12V
Working current: I<120mA
Preheating time: no
Working temperature: -10°C~ 40°C
Storage temperature: +10°C~ 40°C
Product net weight: 35g
Structure features: laser tube + lens + heat sink
Remark: orange is positive, white is negative.


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