980nm 30mW 点状 红外激光模组 定位发射管 10*30mm




最少:  2

980nm 30mW 点状 红外激光模组 定位发射管 10*30mm
980nm 30mW Dot Infrared laser module Positioning launch tube10*30mm
Use of red light modules:
1 can be used for positioning by sight;
2 can be used for laser testing tools;
3 can be used for concentric positioning;
4 can be used for medical equipment positioning;
5 can be used for the production of signal equipment;
Name:  980nm 30mW Dot Infrared laser module
Output Wavelength: 980nm ±5nm
Output Power: 30mw
Laser Shape: Dot 
Range: <100 meters
Surface treatment / color: Black(Oxide black)
Laser type: Invisible laser
Shape/dimension: minimal beam diameter< Φ1.0mm, < Φ25mm at 10m distance(adjustable focus)
Circuit control: APC
Size: Φ10x30mm
Operating Voltage:  DC=3V
Operating current: I<90mA
Operating Temperature: -10°C~50°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C~70°C
Continuous working time: > 10000 hours(Continuous output)
Tail wire: 28# Red and black line, about 120mm long
Warranty: 12 Months Factory warranty
Package includes:
1* IR laser module  


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