905nm光纤耦合激光光源 输出功率 20W

905nm光纤耦合激光光源 输出功率 20W
High Power Fiber Coupled Diode Laser System at 905nm laser Source.  Built-in visible pilot red laser for guide.
905nm Fiber Coupling Laser System has integrated laser diode, fiber coupling optics, laser power supply, LD current and temperature control in ONE box. Its compact dimension and convenient functions, such as power adjustment, temperature control, LED display etc, make it very suitable for pumping, scientific research, industrial and medical applications. The list price is for 15W output power. 
Available Wavelengths (nm): 905nm±10
Central Wavelengths Tolerance (nm):±10 
Available Power (W): 20W (customized up to 50W )
Red Pilot Light (P): Light for Alignment
Fiber Core Diameter (µm):400
Fiber NA ( Numerical aperture ): 0.22 or better
Fiber Connector:SMA905
Fiber Length (m):2
Output Power: 0-100%, adjustable by knob
Operating Mode: CW, TTL or Analog on request
LED Display:Diode current
LD Temperature Control Range ( ℃):15~30, adjustable by knob
Expected Lifetime (hours):10000
Input Power:90-264VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
Power Consumption (KVA):<0.5
Operating Temperature ( ℃):10~40
Weight (kg): <15
Cooling Way: by air
Warranty time: 1 year
Operation Voltage : 220 VAC (±10%) / 50 -60Hz 
905nm Fiber Coupled Laser Source 20mw

905nm Fiber Coupled Laser Source 20mw

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