650nm 100mW 红光 激光模组/激光定位仪 一字线 26mm*105mm





650nm 100mW 红光 激光模组/激光定位仪 一字线 26mm*105mm

650nm 100mW Red Laser Module/Laser Locator Line  26mm*105mm

1, Stone, wood, paper, cloth, leather, glass, ceramics and other industries of cutting machinery, tool, line, marking;
2, Line decoration, on the straight;
3, Wheel alignment;
4, Weaving, dyeing and printing industry to straight.
1, Marking precision, easy to use, good stability, simple operation, can improve the work efficiency, reduce waste;
2, Good stability, high brightness, long life;
3, High brightness laser line, good uniformity, big fan angle (the same distance line longer);
4, With a glass window mirror, good sealing, waterproof, moisture-proof, easy to clean;
5, The special power supply, wide adaptable voltage range(AC90V to AC264V), with overvoltage and overcurrent protection function, strong anti-interference, goog stability, restraining the surge and the slow start, particularly suitable for harsh working environment, can effectively ensure the stability and service life of the product.
Wave length: 650nm
Exit pupil power: 100mW (can ensure the clearly visible in the dark stone)
Bending degree: <1/5000
Line width: 3M width ≤ 1.5mm
Fan angle: 90 ° ~ 120 °
Optics: optical glass lens system
Input voltage: AC 90 ~ 264V/DC5V
Working temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Storage temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
Service life: more than 8000H
Dimensions: Φ 26mm x 105mm
This product can also be custom-made cross line module.



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