532nm 10W 绿光 激光模组/自动冷却/高功率绿光DPSS激光器

532nm 10W 绿光 激光模组/自动冷却/高功率绿光DPSS激光器
The imported laser diode pump source, T532D10W DPSS green laser are made of high quality high quality nonlinear crystal and collimating lens, with temperature control of high performance driving power, the active temperature control, with high efficiency, good stability, good beam quality, low noise, strong anti-jamming, good consistency, compact structure, miniaturization, long life and so on.
Products are widely used in medicine, laser show, isotope separation, ultra-high density optical storage, precision materials processing, lithography, spectrum analysis etc..
Model: T532D10W
Wavelength: 532nm
Operating mode:  CW
Output power:  >10W
Spatial mode:   Near TEM00
Longitudinal mode:  Multi
Spectral linewidth:  0.1nm~1nm
Coherence length:  1-5m
Polarization:  Linear vertical
Polarization ratio:  >100:1
Beam quality:   M2<3
Beam divergence full angle:   2mrad
Beam diameter at aperture:  4mm
Beam ellipticity:   1±0.1
Beam pointing stability:  0.03mrad
Noise:  <0.5% 10Hz-50MHz
Power stability:       ±1, 3, 5% over 8 hrs rms
Optical axis height:   93.5mm
Size of laser head:    LxWxH=333x140x125mm
Size of power supply:  LxWxH=300x1162x134mm
Cabel-laser head:      1.0, 1.5m
Weight of laser head:  6.1kg
Weight of power supply:  5.2kg
TTL modulation: 0V-no lasing, 5V-lasing
Frequency of TTL:  1kHz-30kHz
Efficiency of TTL:  40%-60%
Analogue modulation:  0-5V
Frequency of analogue:  1kHz-20kHz
Cooling mode:      TEC
Operating votage:     90-260VAC
Maximum power consumption:  80W
Warm-up time:   15 mintues
Operating temperature:  10-35℃
Storage temperature:   -20-60℃(<90% relative humidity, non-condensing)
Expected life time:  10,000 hours
Warranty time:  1 year

This size is for reference only. The size of the latest model may changed.
If there is any requirement for size, please contact us get latest size.



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