13W RGB 白色激光 红/绿/蓝激光 3IN1激光光源

13W RGB 白色激光 红/绿/蓝激光 3IN1激光光源

13W RGB white laser red/green/blue laser 3IN1 laser source

All diode RGB laser
Compact size
Long lifetime
High reliability

Laser show

Product Name: RGB laser 638nm 520nm 445nm synthetic white light laser
Wavelength: Red:638nm, Green:520nm, Blue:445nm +/-4 nm
Spatial Mode: Multimode
Coherence length: about 5mm
Output Power: Red:638nm 4W, Green:520nm 4W, Blue:445nm 5W~6W
Operation Mode: CW or Modulation
Beam Height: 34mm
Beam Size: 7mm
Beam Divergence(full angle): <1.5mrad
Power Stability: <3% per 4 hrs
Warm Up Time: <1 minute
MTTF: 10,000 hrs
Laser head dimensions:185(L)x128(W)x50.5(H)mm
Power Supply: Adjustable type
Modulation: 0~30khz Analog or TTL

This size is for reference only. The size of the latest model may changed.
If there is any requirement for size, please contact us get latest size.


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