1470nm 1W 点状 红外激光模组 高功率激光束

1470nm 1W 点状 红外激光模组 高功率激光束

1470nm 1W Infrared Laser Moudle Dot High Power Laser Beam

The use of imported IC intelligent constant power circuit board, high stability and long service life.
Natural cooling trough+fan can quickly heat, extend product life.

Product Name: IR Laser Module
Output Wavelength:1470nm
Output Power:1W
Operating Voltage: DC 12V
Operating Current:I≤5A
Lens Angle: >5mard
Light Spot:dot(Approximate to rectangle ellipse)
Spot Size: Adjustable
Beam diameter: >10*10mm
Operating Temperature:-10°C~30°C
Storage Temperature:-20°C~80°C
Laser Head Size:100*34*34mm(L*W*H)
Drive Pate Size:80*45*18mm(L*W*H)

[Package includes]
1 x Laser module
1 x Drive Plate
1 x 12V Power supply


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