25MHz TTL/Analog pulse signal source DDS Signal Generator Double channel

25MHz TTL/Analog pulse signal source DDS Signal Generator  Double channel

MHS5200A Full CNC Dual Channel Arbitrary/Functional Signal Generator uses Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology, FPGA design, ultra-low power consumption; the internal circuit adopts surface mount technology, which greatly improves the instrument's anti-interference and service life. The parameters are all calibrated by internal programs and are accurate and easy to use.

Equal performance dual channel, the instrument integrates function signal generator, arbitrary waveform generator, pulse signal generator, frequency sweeper, frequency meter and counter and other functions. It is equipped with upper computer control software, and the communication protocol is open; the instrument is in the signal Production, waveform scanning, parameter measurement and other aspects have great advantages. It is an ideal test and measurement device for electronic engineers, electronic labs, production lines, and teaching and scientific research.


[Performance Advantage]
1. Good signal quality

     This machine can output AC signal and DC signal. AC signal amplitude range is 5mVpp-20Vpp (peak-to-peak), DC signal amplitude range is 0.00V-10.00V; and it can be done in different steps such as 1mVpp, 10mVpp, 100mVpp, etc. The value is continuously adjusted.

     Sine wave frequency range 0.01Hz-6MHz/12MHz/20MHz/25MHz (different model range), full range of square wave, triangle wave and other waveform frequency range is 0.01Hz-6MHz, 12-bit vertical resolution, graceful waveform in frequency range .

2. There are many kinds of waveforms and can be edited again

     Dual channels can output the same or different waveforms at the same time. The types of waveforms are sine wave, square wave, pulse wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave, CMOS signal and 4 TTL signals. There are 16 sets of user-defined waveform storage space, which can be written as needed. Into the Lorentz pulse, multi-tone, irregular noise, ECG, trapezoidal pulse, sinker pulse, narrow pulse, Gaussian white noise, AM waveform, FM waveform, you can also use the provided PC software to draw what you want Waveform.

3. practical synchronization tracking function

     You can set the synchronization tracking function. After the tracking function is enabled, the parameters of CH2 are completely synchronized with CH1. At this time, the phase difference between the two channels is continuously adjustable from 0 to 359 degrees.

4. Flexible sweeping method

    This machine can realize linear sweep and logarithmic sweep. The sweep time is 1S~999S. The sweep start frequency and stop frequency can be freely set in the frequency range.

5. measuring functions

    There are five kinds of measurement items such as measurement frequency, period, positive pulse width, negative pulse width, and duty ratio. Among them, four kinds (10 seconds, 1 second, 0.1 seconds, and 0.01 seconds) of different gate times can be selected for the measurement frequency. A balance between measurement speed and measurement resolution is also available, as well as a 10-digit 10-digit counter.


6. powerful communication

     This machine has a USB interface, provided free host computer software, can connect all the parameters of the computer control signal generator, communication protocol open, convenient secondary development.

7. the layout of the interface is reasonable

    The layout of the machine interface is very reasonable, the signal terminals are below the left LCD screen, the right side is the buttons and the operation knob, so that when the user connects the signal cable, the operation knob and keys are handy, with the SHIFT button, and page up and down keys, You can flexibly set the features you need.


8. fast one-click save function

    The function of this machine is very rich, so we designed a fast storage function, that is, long press the SHIFT button for more than 2 seconds, it can store the current function interface, and automatically load the current setting parameters when you start the next time, for example, you Need to let the LCD screen below the default display amplitude, then you can long press SHIFT, the next memory will be, which will greatly facilitate the user's operation.


9. power supply security and with overvoltage protection

     This machine adopts DC power supply and comes standard with 5V 2A high-quality power adapter. It is convenient for you to switch 220V power supply indoors. It only needs a mobile power (5V charging) to easily supply power, but considering the user may Adapters with other voltages, such as 12V, 24V, etc., may be inserted incorrectly. The built-in power supply protection circuit of the unit is inserted into a non-5V (within 50V) adapter. The automatic protection of the unit does not work. When the voltage returns to normal, The machine can continue to work flawlessly.


Download Software and product instructions:
https://pan.baidu.com/s/1-XlnbnYL85Zainaxer6CbA   Password: 3kcr





25MHz TTL Analog pulse signal source DDS Signal Generator  Double channel

25MHz TTL  signal source

Analog pulse signal source

Analog pulse signal source

DDS Signal Generator  Double channel

Analog pulse signal source

signal source

DDS Signal Generator



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